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A place where I'll be really portentous and will try to be funny but really I just want validation and attention...

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Hi guys, pals, strangers, followers and the like...

If you read my old blogs, you'll know me as JokersHarley- I was a bit of a DC fangirl (who am I kidding, I still am)- and you may have noticed that all of the posts from that blog except a goodbye message have been deleted. Bit melodramatic, really...

I guess the point is I'm back! Back to being narcissistic and portentous writing about myself and trying to be entertaining and relatable- if you think about it, nothing has changed except my username!

I'm mostly doing this for Lotte - Hi Lotte! - for our "Don't Get Me Started" rant series- it's gonna be great! Or boring, but either way hopefully it'll be fun. I guess that's all this ever really was, and hopefully it will continue to be.

I'll probably also be blogging random thoughts and such in the future, I'll just try to avoid making them emo and cringey.

So, onto the topic at hand: where I've been and what I've done. Well,

I did my GCSEs, they went fine, bit draining doing exams all day but they're over now! (Until my AS exams...)

The summer was great, I was in a musical! I did a bunch of shows and got to run around a stage dancing and singing, so basically what I normally do but on a stage with 60 other people and in front of an audience as opposed to in the coach park with Lotte jamming to S club 7... I also did NCS which was a super fun four weeks and twenty hours of my life gone so that universities and employers are more likely to... Like me? AND on top of those two I volunteered to help with the Summer Reading Challenge and I cannot express in words how shameful it is to be caught taking ugly selfies on your friend's phone by a small child and their parents or carers...

I've also already dropped one A level so I'm down from 4 to 3 which is a great start...

So, I've said quite a lot about myself already at this point and am progressively using more and more ellipsises... Ellipsisi?... Ellipsis'?Basically, I've used too many of those dot dot dot things that I don't know the plural of... Is it just ellipsis? Like sheep and sheep? I'm a little sheepish to make any assumptions regarding the plural of elipsis and at this point I can't be bothered to google it so I'll just give up with this joke. I'm also guessing by this point I'm being really annoying so now is probably a good time to say goodbye, so, goodbye!

Until next blog,


Ps, I googled it, it's ellipses.

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lottebow November 09, 2016 06:11PM

???? I love it. Glad to have you back

joe November 10, 2016 11:11AM

Welcome back :)