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Is my title edgy enough? Do I have your attention? Okay, well at least I have Lotte's attention (hi, Lotte!).

Basically, the context here is I had nothing to do when a powercut happened. I was on Skype and the call shut down so I messaged the person I was on call with on facebook with "Shay's Log of Darkness". Weird? Yes, but I was very bored.What follows is "Shay's Log of Darkness". Judge away, I just thought I ought to try to be funny in a bad situation. Also I was home alone so I was super bored..:

We had a power cut, it was terrifying cause my light flashed after and I guess you'll get this when the power's back but dang that was scary. Apocalypses tend to start with power cuts though so by the time this sends we could both be dead.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 1: I keep trying to switch lights on and saying "dammit" when they don't work. I have 100% battery and a torch at least. I looked outside and I can only see people's Christmas lights on the street but they might just have really good curtains.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 2: I went to the ammeter thingy and tried switching the master switch for all circuits on and off again, it didn't work. I fear all hope is lost.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 3: I tried lighting tealight candles to save torch battery. They're dim as frick, don't get them.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 4: I found a garden candle that is brighter than my future thank goodness.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 5: i'm on to two candles now, and i've just found two more but i'm gonna save 'em. I'll eat crisps by candlelight for dinner. My biggest regret is not quicksaving Skyrim before everything went black.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 6: What if there are candle riots? What if the lights never come back on? What if zombies come for me? I left a light switched on so I can see when the power is back, if it comes back.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 7: I think the rule of whether something is a snack food or not should be "Could I eat a cake made of this? These crisps are definitely cake material.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 8: It's definitely affected the whole street; I can see torchlight from the house opposite. I'm tempted to just go to bed and hope it's over come morning but i'm sad we never got to say goodnight, or indeed goodbye if this is an apocalypse kinda deal.

Shay's Log of Darkness entry 9: Sounds like someone's setting off fireworks; not sure how to tell them that's not really a sustainable light source. At least they're leading the zombies away from me.

The power came on and I basically had a heart attack.[You're welcome for that bit of dialogue from my power cut experience.]



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lottebow December 12, 2016 01:12PM

Hey I'm here!!! This made me laugh so much and same, the power cut gave me a heart attack too. I was trying to binge watch Carrie's videos on YouTube when the TV turned off and I wanted to cry :(