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I'd like to begin by stating that I am in no way qualified to look at this in a professional way. This is just how I viewed the musical and my thoughts (which nobody really cares about and I will acknowledge that).

So, recently (on the day of writing this) I watched The Addams Family in Wimbledon Theatre as a kind of break from studying. In short: it was brilliant. 

However, I'm still a bit conflicted on how I feel about some aspects of it because there's one thing that kind of bugged me about it. Therefore, I thought I'd weite a review to organise my thoughts a bit. So, here we go... 

Now, the negative thing that kinda bugged me is this, I'm starting with it to get it out the way as it has a LOT of good things, however this seemed like a bit of a big thing to me personally.

It began with Wednesday being very close fiancé which happened throughout, which, for someone who isn't invested in the relationship can be a bit odd (like when you see a couple snogging in public) . Wednesday and Lucas are very different people so it would be SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING if we saw more about how their relationship began, which would also have meant we'd as an audience be more invested in them as a coulpe - especially as this version of Wednesday is a lot more feeling than the Wednesday in the films for example, so a transition from cold and unfeeling to almost human would be nice!

As I said, there are loads of redeeming factors and I cannot just say bad things!!

I loved Uncle Fester's commentry throughout, and that he tried to indirectly affect the plot. His character was just great and he was hilarious.

Gomez had an amazing voice and a larger than life character which I loved, I could've literally fallen in love with him (sorry Will). Basically, he was brilliant. His relationship with Morticia is definitely #goals, and if it isn't, I don't know what is. 

Another great thing about this, and this is quite an important one to me, was the ancestors interractions with the cast. A good example of this is the man with the grapes teasing Lucas' mum in the background (twice) which made it almost like a running joke. But also, not only is it like a small, funny detail but it was funny without being obnoxious and they didn't even need to say anything. I think that's a testiment to how good it was, really.

There was also a moment in the show early on where Wednesday shoots a bird, I thought that might be a nice little reference to The Addams Family Values when Wednesday shoots down an American bald eagle to which someone says "but I thought they were extinct" to which Wednesday replies "They are now."- if that reference was somehow accidental I think I kinda love it anyway because it shows that the musical is very accurate to the characters as they have been previously portrayed, obviously with a little extra because the problems they face in the show give them a bit more depth (in my opinion). 

The actors were great, the songs were great, the outfits were amazing and really fit the characters!  Although, the one problem I have is a bit of a big one for me personally because I spent half of the musical like "Wednesday deserves better why should I care about this guy?".

Also, possible spoilers? Don't read on if you'd like to watch it without knowing anything...

There was a part in the musical when Lucas was redeemed (in terms of how I viewed his character) when he trusts Wednesday enough to shoot an apple off his head. However, I still think it'd be so much better if we learned more about Wednesday's history with Lucas- dropping us into the story with the Addams Family is fine as we all know them from the show or films, but as Lucas was new in the begining of the story I didn't care about him, if anything I didn't like him as I cared about Wednesday's character. For that reason I'm still conflicted overall, however I think the good parts do ultimately outweigh that (Gomez, call me).

Again, nobody cares about this but I feel like overall I'm a lot less conflicted as it waa great, really.


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